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Thursday, September 30

this is weird. setelah lebih dari 1 tahun ga buka blog sekarang gue buka juga. karena STELLA FEBRINA.
i think i never wrote her name here. yes, she's one of my best bitches in high school.
i am now in 11 grade, masuk ipa and kinda regret it.
i think youve missed A LOT about me. let me get this fast.
these are the facts about me until now:
1. my name is still JENNIFER LEONA but now they call me LEONA instead of JEN
2. i met my best friends kls 10 waktu mos sekelompok. they are: STELLA, GITTA, KEKE. dan ketemu yang lainnya sejalan kelas 10.5 : NARAS, GABBY, FAPE, FEMMY, JERRY, KRISTANTO, MICHAEL NUGROHO. and LOTTTTTS OF NEW FRIENDS.
3. di kelas 10.5 i sit next to KRISTANTO for like almost a year, depannya JERRY & MICHAEL NUGROHO dan sangat sangat sangat sering ditegur guru karena sering ngobrol dan akhirnya di akhir tahun pelajaran, i decided to move next to ARIE SAPUTRA whos ganteng and ansos.
4. pernah berantem sama STELLA FEBRINA dan baikan via twitter tanpa mention2an
5. i am in the volley ball team. VOLTH GO VOLTH!
6. i went to my very first concert with NARAS GAYATRI PRAMESWARI, GABRIELLA SANTINELLI, MICHAEL PURNAMA, and FAYRANI KARIMA: cobra starship concert
7. i changed a lot
9. naik kelas dengan sudah dipanggil ke suster 2/3 kali
10. masuk XI IPA 2 / 12
11. had a fling with someone whos actually really freak and apparently i invited him to my 16th birthday late lunch and he asked me out and i didnt say anything and i began to feel sick of him and i refuse to go out with him and i kinda hate him right now.
12. that guy in number 11 gave me a necklace and i hate it sooooooooooooo bad
14. still wanting so many things dan sering berkhayal mendapatkannya
15. based on the fact that i am bosenan, jadi ini blog MUNGKIN tidak akan bertahan lama untuk terus diupdate
16. i love my friends so damn much
17. i need a boyfriend (not so necessary)
18. ga tau mau kuliah dimana dan apa dan bagaimana


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9:07 PM.

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and I'm a good girl

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I grew up in a pretty big city, jakarta and i'm still here, jakarta oh jakarta
i have so many goals but i don't know how to achieve it, help me!
but i know that DREAMS WE MADE ARE VERY PRECIOUS, just like a star in the sky


May 25th 2009

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When the star falls down
i wish....
▪ height reached 165
▪ good grades
▪ make my parents proud
▪ enchanting life
▪ meet the butterfly in the stomach maker
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