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Saturday, May 30

bonsoir bonsoir bonsoir!

I'm feeling better today! actually i feel good. i feeeeeel goooood..... yeah thanks God.

today when i woke up, i heard my ma speaking outside. that's weird. she's supposed to be at Borobudur right now. Borobudur is Hotel Borobudur, there's also a sports club there, and we usually exercise there. After my ma told me what happened, i understand. she forgot to bring her major bag so she cannot do anything at Borobudur, so she take her bag back home. and since i already woke up, she ask me to come along so they don't have to come back home again to take me because we're going to Senayan City after that.
So at borobudur i do nothing. i waited my ma to finish her exercise with playing her BB. :D:D:D:D

From Borobudur, we picked my sis up from school and went to Senayan City. we ate at Nan Xiang Steamed Bun. it's discount! 50% using BCA card, lol. I ate it's carrot cake. sooooo yummy. :D:D:D:D

it looks little bit dirty. sorry i forgot to take it's picture before i eat it. lol what can i say, i can't wait any longer to taste that beautiful food! >.<

soo after we eat, my ma have her reunion se we have to wait. me and sis went to a bookstore. and i link at 4 books about fashion in that bookstore. and the price makes me want to vomit! number 4 in head, and five zeros next to the 4. more or more. no less. that is so expensive! yeah, fashion books are expensive.

from that bookstore, me and my sis decided to go to Timezone. and we played basket ball there, we played bishi bashi, we're just having fun over all. we spent 50bucks there. in rupiahs ofcourse.

and we go back to where my pa was. in a coffe shop. guess what, my pa smoked 7 cigars' already! i keep complaining him, why he have to be like that when we're not around. sick! we still have to wait for my ma, and we ate Tuti Frutti. it's like a frozen youghrt, we're free to take as much as we wanted including the toppings. after that they weighing it. the more heavier its weight, the more it cost. :D:D:D yummy.

after eating so much food, and my ma came back from her nostalgia world, we went home. resting and we went to church. the mass takes so long because today is a special day. so the mass is also special :D

it started at 5:30, first we pray with rosary, and continued with a usual mass. but there's a wish burning secsion wich is unusual. once a year. so the mass finished at 7:30.

we went home and have a dinner. pempek from my ma's friend. theresia's mom actually, you know the one i told you at the older post. and here i am, blogging, updating anything, ::D::D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

and yeah i need your help.

first: how to make my pa stop smoking? that freaking cigrates is so dumb. why it have to exis in this world making people sick and dead!

second: my closet was a real mess. i didn't put my clothes properly so when i realize its really like a crap. this is what it's looks like.

creepy, i know!
so i need your help, how to our closet still looks neat even i was a messy girl?


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