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Friday, May 29

Bonsoir people, errrr...

I'm on the way home now. I played tennis this afternoon, with one of my friend, theresia. We've been friends since we can' play tennis.
So I was really really tired right now. I'm not in my maximum health but I didn't tell my ma and pa, so they knew that somethings wrong when I played with no smile and laugh.
I felt my head was really heavy and all of my bones couldn't lift my body.
Lol, but I feel better now... Hope tommorow I'll be back to the oh-jennifer-youre-so-crazy.... Lol

Soo, this my friend, theresia. She studied in SPH, that's an internatuonal school.
I think, almost everybody who is in the international school have an attitude problem. No offence. But that's what I think.
Tere yawned when our coach was trying to make her move right. Twice.
she was like saying something in not a good tone to ouyr coach.
She didn't said thanks to our coach after we finished.
And I DON'T LIKE THAT. Neither my parents.

Ooookay, I'm not feeling well today. I think I got wind-in, that's the english of masuk angin. Lol lol.
This morning I masure my temprature, and it was 38 Celcius.
Errr, that's not good, but here I am, holding my ma's bb bold, on my way home.

I did have dinner already, my ma brought it while I was playing tennis. Borobudur Gourmet's pizza.
Sooooooo yummy. I'm lovin it!
I ate two slices of that and now I'm full.
My ma said, one of the reason why I got wind-in is because I eat verry little lately.
It's not that I don't like the food but I'm trying to loose some weight. At least 15 pounds. Wish me luck! :D:D:D

Okay, got to go folks, my ma need her bb's back.
Please pray for my health :D thanks.

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May 25th 2009

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