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Wednesday, May 27


i woke up early today, just like yesterday, for one reason! two i guess, RESTAURANT CITY AND BLOGGING. o my god this can't be good. i'm addicted to play computer. if i play to much, it will give an eyes damage. no no no no, i don't want to use glasses at least until i'm 50!

I can't sleep yesterday night, so i bugged my sister. well she bugged me first but at the end, i'm the one who bugged her. lol i'm sorry, sis! i don't know why i can't sleep, i think i'm too excited :D:D:D:D

o yeah, don't forget to write your opinion about the blackberry post. mucho gracias!

i'm so bored, and i really really really want to go to dufan! with my friend. it's this thursday but i have that stupid pre-high school course. so i don't know, will my mother permit me to skip that not-fun-at-all-except-that-guy-is-coming course and go to dufan with my friend. :D:D:D:D:D

yesterday, my friend, bryan ganda abraham sidjabat, uploaded this picture of me and my friends when we were in 6th grade. this picture is taken when we're having the graduation even. we're so cute and this picture is lol-ing me because of the memory.

there's so much stupid things i've done when i'm a little. too much to say. it was humiliating when people start to talk about that kind of stuff. lol well we were just kid right??

this post is totaly random, because i don't know what to write and i'm soooo bored. :D:D:D
and once again, please don't forget to write your opinion about the blackberry post!

mucho mucho mucho gracias!
merci beaucoup!

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6:18 AM.

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and I'm a good girl

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I grew up in a pretty big city, jakarta and i'm still here, jakarta oh jakarta
i have so many goals but i don't know how to achieve it, help me!
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May 25th 2009

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i wish....
▪ height reached 165
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