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Wednesday, May 27

Bonsoir people people in da hoy! lol

ever think of the difference between loving and understanding? many people only have one of them, just loving or just understanding.

from what i've been trough just now, i realize that people all around me, especially my family, are only loving me. but they hardly understand me. if somebody love the other, then they also have to understand them. if they understand each other then love will come by it's self.

It was so sad when somebody we expect couldn't understand us the way we wanted. that's what i felt. and it's like i want to cry and cry but i know that crying for something like that doesn't change anything. so i started to smile with making another master piece. :D:D:D:D:D:D

after realizing how much tears i can save if i don't cry, i came back to cleared my problem, and when i said it clearly guess what? they ignored me! it was like damnnnnnn so damn frustrating just to do something good. ah never mind, i'm lucky enough cause they still care and love me right?

yeah so i guess today isn't a good day. sad :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

note: i'm going to dufan! yeah! but not with nathania and kinanthi and widi and iddo. sorry guys i don't get my parents permit for tommorow's trip. but i still going. in monday. with yosi, stephen, gerry -who-ever-you-are, and i don't know who else. anybody want to join us?

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2:05 PM.

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and I'm a good girl

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I grew up in a pretty big city, jakarta and i'm still here, jakarta oh jakarta
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May 25th 2009

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